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Welcome to Sacred Orgonite!

I'm Trina, your Intuitive Energy Advisor in Canada, creating orgone energy devices since 2010 to harness the magic within you!

Sacred Orgonite Trina ~ Intuitive Energy Advisor

10 years ago I started making orgonite to clear the air of chemtrails and then it just grew into a big thing from there.

Once I learned the secrets, there was no going back. Back then... my orgonites were super ugly... but still useful. The elementals visited me and I was awakened.

Orgone energy devices can help manifest love, health and wealth. They’re great at protecting against EMF energies from electronics and wi-Fi.

You can fast track your intuitive abilities and feel Zen while meditating with them.

Fast forward a decade later where my Orgone devices look much nicer and are much more powerful. I love helping people with energy healing using the frequency of crystals.

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I hope you enjoy my Sacred Orgonite store!

PS: If you are interested in an intuitive reading to harness the magic within you, please visit my other website:
The Moon Tree.org
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