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Chakra balancing orgone energy devices to heal & protect your family

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Welcome to Sacred Orgonite

Your source for energy field repair.
Would you like to feel good, protect the energy fields of your home and family, relieve spiritual awakening symptoms and increase intuition?

There’s an orgone energy device for that!  


Orgonite Pyramids

An assortment of Luxe Orgonite pyramids for orgone energy healing.

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Orgonite Plates

Powerful orgone energy protection! Use your large Luxe Orgonite plate as a meditation tool, charging your water jug, intuitive development and wellness.

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Orgonite Coasters: Perfect for charging your morning water, coffee or tea with healing orgone energy.

Orgonite Coasters

Perfect for charging your morning water, coffee or tea with healing orgone energy.

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Orgone Energy Sets

Orgonite products paired with chakra jewelry for energy healing.

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Chakra Gemstone Jewelry

Harness the healing power of gemstones in chakra jewelry sets and individual pieces.

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Orgonite Pendants

Take your Orgone energy protection on-the-go with our lovely orgonite pendants.

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I love the Orgone Products! I have a pyramid and pendant which are both amazing. I've ordered a charging plate and another custom pyramid just because these products are so fantastic!

Melanie Bodurka

Trina is amazing at what she does! A true artist! I highly recommend!

Bailey Rose

The orgone wine glass set is my favorite orgonite that I own. I no longer see a cement wall on the patio because it's now covered in greenery. Whatever Trina puts in there is working overtime so, I can only imagine what it does inside the house! Filling it with good juju!

Tokey Uko
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